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Funding programme:
Eurostars 2
Managing entity:
September 2020 to March 2023

The BIOTOOL project is an innovative and ambitious undertaking that aims to revolutionise the way we approach the study of Water Use Efficiency (WUE) in plants.

Funded by EUREKA Eurostars and developed by Rovensa Next in partnership with Landlab,   an Italian research center, the project aims to create a powerful tool for measuring, calculating, and evaluating the water status of plants in real-time, even under suboptimal conditions of water application.

The project aims to investigate new active substances, such as seaweed compounds, that positively influence the metabolic processes of plants. Rovensa Next is developing three new ranges of innovative biostimulants: the Super Primactive Range, which improves the priming activity of existing formulations when biostimulants are applied before abiotic stress events; the Super Curative Range, which enhances the curative activity of existing formulas when biostimulants are applied during or after abiotic stress events; and the Preventive Effect Source, a new variety of seaweed extract obtained with a gentle extraction method.

In agronomic efficacy trials, some formulations were found to improve crop performance in greenhouse trials under drought stress. The next step is to do open-field trials in both the North and South Hemispheres to evaluate the efficiency of the most promising candidate solutions against these drought episodes.

In partnership with Landlab, Rovensa Next seeks to revolutionise the product development of the biostimulant industry by developing and testing an innovative platform to understand how water use can be improved in greenhouse crops, increasing knowledge and expertise of biostimulants use under abiotic stress conditions, and creating a greater commitment to the environment with sustainable practices.

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