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Our comprehensive portfolio of innovative biosolutions covers all types of crops from seed to harvest.

A natural approach to agriculture

Are you looking for biocontrol solutions for integrated pest and disease management? Or solutions for sustainable crop nutrition, plant life cycle stimulation, or minimising abiotic stress? Look no further. We are here to help you through the entire plant life cycle.

Biocontrol needs

Gestion integrada de plagas

Effective pest management is essential to improving yield, ensuring animal and crop health, preventing produce contamination, and maintaining balanced ecosystems.

Gestión integrada de enfermedades

Treating diseases at their onset before they spread is critical for a healthy harvest. Regardless of the source of the disease, bacteria, virus, or fungi, stopping the disease and controlling the population of all disease forms (spores, mycelium, etc.) is essential for effective crop management.

Bionutrition, adjuvant and corrector needs

Mejora la tierra, el agua, y la aplicación de los productos

We optimise crop growth and pest management with natural, sustainable solutions. Biostimulants and nutrient are applied through irrigation and foliar applications. We offer solutions that improve mineral interaction in the soil or water, to maximise their effectiveness.

Estimulación de los procesos naturales de las plantas.

The different stages of a plant’s life cycle are interdependent and require high levels of energy and nutrients that can be boosted to achieve better performance. The right biosolution applied at the right time and with the right dosage can help plants stimulate their own natural processes, contributing to better plant development, yield and quality throughout the season.

Minimiza el estress abiotico

Abiotic stress such as low/high temperatures, drought, waterlogging, high salinity, heavy metals, UV radiation, and phytotoxicity can harm crop growth and yield. Abiotic stress accounts for about 50% of agricultural production losses and is likely to worsen with climate change.

Nutricion Sostenibile

Climate change and greenhouse gases are leading to nutrient loss in crops, making it important to retain and increase nutrient availability for food security and nutrition for the global population.

Mejora de la calidad de las cosechas

Farmers face the challenge of improving crop quality and shelf-life while also meeting consumer demands for healthier, more sustainable food. We offer a wide range of products developed to improve the quality and yield of crops to meet these needs.

Discover our high-performance bionutrition solutions, adjuvants and correctors for each stage of your crops’ life cycle.

Agricultural Bionutrition

Agricultural Biocontrol

Agricultural Adjuvants and Correctors

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