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Discover the companies that have joined forces to create​ Rovensa Next.

Ten pioneering agricultural bionutrition and biocontrol companies have joined forces to create a holistic platform of innovative biosolutions.

Logos de las 10 marcas de Rovensa Next
Logos de las 10 marcas de Rovensa Next
Logos de las 10 marcas de Rovensa Next

Our history

Ten pioneering sustainability companies have joined forces to create one single brand.​

10 empresas aúnan sus fuerzas bajo una nueva marca.


Agrichembio is renowned for its innovative products, providing new revolutionary solutions to modernise agriculture and boost its ability to harness technology.

The firm was founded in Spain over 40 years ago and has extensive experience in testing, developing, registering and marketing biopesticides, nutritional products and biostimulants, and technical advice on how best to use them.

Logo Agrichembio
logo Agrotecnologia


Experts in biocontrol solutions for agricultural crops thanks to their extensive knowledge of microbial-based products.

This Spanish firm has over 20 years’ experience in researching, developing and marketing environmentally friendly products.

Idai Nature

Idai Nature is a biotechnology company specialising in natural residue-free solutions for fruit and vegetable crops.

The products marketed by the company, which was founded in Spain in 2009, are based on innovative botanical extracts that have a biofungicide and bioinsecticide effect on crops.

Logo Idai Nature
logo Microquimica


Microquimica specialises in plant nutrition, microbiology and biotechnology.

This Brazilian firm produces biofertilisers, plant growth regulators, inoculants and fertilisers. Microquimica was acquired by Tradecorp in 2019 and now trades as Tradecorp do Brasil, offering a broad portfolio of solutions.


Specialised in the harvesting and processing of seaweed.

This Irish company is a leading provider of an exclusive extraction method, known as Gentle Extraction, that preserves the biostimulating compounds naturally found in fresh seaweed.

Logo OGT
Logo Oro Agri

Oro Agri

Oro Agri specialises in environmentally friendly products that provide effective, residue-free solutions for our clients. The firm's portfolio includes biocontrol, adjuvant, bionutrition and biostimulant products.

Oro Agri se fundó hace más de 20 años en ORO AGRI, which was founded over 20 years ago in South Africa. develops and manufactures patented products for agricultural, home and industrial applications worldwide. Oro Agri has a strong footprint in strategic markets such as the USA, Asia, Brazil and South Africa.


Rodel Flowers supplies bionutrition, biocontrol and adjuvants for the flower market.

Rodel, which was founded in Ecuador around 20 years ago, is a leader in the distribution of specialised crop nutrition products for the flower market.

Logo Rodel Flowers
logo SDP


It specialises in cutting-edge adjuvants and plant nutrition, providing a range of solutions which boost crop yield and increase the overall effectiveness of treatments thanks to optimising spray applications.

SDP was founded in France over 30 years ago.


Tradecorp is a global benchmark in the biostimulation and sustainable specialty crop nutrition sector. Developing and manufacturing premier, innovative solutions that are marketed in over 60 countries worldwide.

Tradecorp provides a comprehensive portfolio of premium products globally adapted to local agronomic conditions, Its solutions include biostimulants and specialty crop nutrition products, such as chelated micronutrients  and specific bionutrition options.

logo Tradecorp
logo MIP Agro

MIP Agro

MIP Agro is a leading biocontrol and biostimulant player in Chile, and was the first firm to promote sustainable agriculture solutions in the region.

Today, MIP Agro has a consolidated sales and technical team on the ground, working closely with over 2,500 growers and prescribers. The company targets high value crops such as cherries, berries, table grapes, nuts and citrus fruit.

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