Enhance soil, water and product applications

We optimise crop growth and pest management with natural, sustainable solutions. Biostimulants and nutrient are applied through irrigation and foliar applications.

We offer solutions that improve mineral interaction in the soil or water, to maximise their effectiveness.

Mejora la tierra, el agua, y la aplicación de los productos

To address this challenge, we offer bionutrition, biostimulants, adjuvants, and correctors that ensure the composition of the product is not compromised.

Applying these solutions via foliar or soil application increases soil fertility and structure, improves soil microbiome, corrects pH and soil deficiencies, and maintains healthy soil management.

We also have conditioners to help manage water availability in the soil. See our range of adjuvants and correctors for improved spray applications and tank mix effectiveness.


Biodegradable water use optimizer.

How we help you:

Through biosolutions developed to meet crop needs from seed to shelf.

By product categories

Agricultural Bionutrition

Agricultural Biocontrol

Agricultural Adjuvants and Correctors

By grower needs

Gestión integrada de plagas

Integrated Pest Management

Gestion integrada de enfermedades

Integrated Disease Management

Mejora la tierra, el agua, y la aplicación de los productos

Enhance soil, water and product applications

Estimulación de los procesos naturales de las plantas.

Stimulation of Natural Plant Cycle

Minimiza el estrés abiotico

Minimising Abiotic Stress

Nutricion Sostenibile

Sustainable Crop Nutrition

Mejora de la calidad de las cosechas

Enhanced Crop Quality

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We help you accelerate the green transition. We offer broad local knowledge and global technical assistance.

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