Turbo Root

Complete Starter and Root Regenerator containing humic acids, L-α free amino acids, NPK & EDTA micronutrients

Effective and complete solution to all crop establishment requirements.
Reduces transplant shock and promotes an even start to the season.
Root stimulation through multiple synergistic modes of action
Humic, amino acid & EDTA chelated nutrients specially formulated to increase white roots development.
Increases nutrient availability and water uptake by crops.

Turbo Root is a complete starter and root regenerating fertiliser that contains humic and fulvic acids to stimulate fine root development while enhancing the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the soil.

The L-α free amino acids help stimulate germination and root growth while reducing plant stress such as transplant shock. A high concentration of Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) further encourage strong root and stem development, ensuring excellent crop establishment, even in unfavourable conditions.

Turbo Root is recommended in all crops during the initial stages of the vegetative cycle and can also be applied whenever root regeneration is desired. **

*Please, this is not a legal classification. Be aware that this product might not considered as biostimulant according to local legislation. Contact our Rovensa Next team in your country to know which is the legal situation of this product in your area.

** Rovensa Next is a global business unit that delivers solutions for agriculture around the globe. The information shared here may vary depending on the geography. To confirm the product is available in your country or in case of any questions or for additional information, please contact us using the provided form. Thank you.

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