Immediate-action bioinsecticide, bioacaricide and biofungicide.

Effectively controls thrips, whiteflies, spider mites, acarids, mealy bugs and powdery mildew.
Fast-action: immediate results
Cross-effect: also controls secondary pests when applied against a primary pest
Easy-to-use: at any time and with all sorts of crop protection programs
Optimized spray for enhanced application distribution and maximum contact

A contact biopesticide containing cold pressed orange oil and surfactants in a bio-degradeable solution.

As 3-in-1 insecticide, miticide and fungicide this product is ideally suited for IPM and sustainable farming practices. It has a low impact on the environment, providing a fast knock down of pests with no residual chemistry. It can be integrated with the use of beneficial insects. The product has no pre-harvest interval on any crop. *

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